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Non Dissension,
Battles arise first when the idea of duality appears. By focusing on the relative world, we have lapsed into the attitude that fighting is a natural thing. There are too many people today who feel it is impossible to live without conflict. There are also many who, though it means oppressing others, will stop at nothing to gain ascendancy and to win by any means.

If we truly desire peace, each individual must understand the meaning of the principle of “non-dissension”.
The general belief is that the principle of non-dissension means that we must agree with whatever anyone might say, that we are not to resist if someone should strike us, and it is a very weak way to live.
This is really not the case. The principle of non-dissension demands the strongest spirit.

The way of non-dissension enables you to overcome any disappointments without grief, to laugh off any slander, and to lead any attacker without receiving the blow.
Those who cry themselves to sleep resisting nothing and replying to no ill remarks made by others, are not what we mean by the principle of non-dissension.
Locking up the speech and actions of your opponent in your heart is not real non-dissension; it is endurance. Though you say nothing with your lips, your feelings may be seething within you. Conflicts and contradiction in your mind is a sort of battle, too.
The non-distension we are speaking of arises when we do not harbour ill feelings against our opponent’s minus mind, but with the magnanimity of the sea that accepts all tributary streams, maintain a calm in our own heart.