Ki Aikido is a form of Aikido, a Japanese martial art. This particular form focuses on the coordination of mind and body to perform techniques, and sharpen the mind. The nature of the art is not competitive and it is taught the traditional way, on a mat. However, its teachings are very relevant to our modern daily lives where we are more and more stimulated by external factors.

Looking at the two parts of what makes a person

Intentions come from the mind. Because Ki Aikido looks the body and also the mind, it leads to staying relaxed and focused in front of all kind of situations.

Learning through experiencing

Through exercises requiring little physical strength, Students are experiencing how to drive away parasite thoughts, to release tension from the mind and the body, to make their body feel light, powerful and naturally supple. They then can show composure, leading to a positive, agile and gentle mind, and can perform Ki Aikido techniques with confidence.

Typical class structure

Practice often starts with warm up exercises, we then usually move to studying aspects of Mind and Body coordination, which we then apply to Ki Aikido techniques. Of course, practice is adapted to the students present on the mat, and the exercises and their sequence is changed at every class for a rounded approach.

Practice also includes meditation and breathing for a complete set of concentration and coordination techniques.


“At the age of 63 I thought my martial arts’ days were over (especially after two knee operations) but training with Flipo Sensei has re-lit my passion for these arts. I find in Ki Aikido a true source of inspiration for life and a pragmatic martial art that stresses the fundamentals of correct posture, mindfulness and a thorough alignment of mind and body. I am experiencing things I have never experienced in my 40 plus years of martial arts training. Looks like the journey is really only just beginning…thank you Sensei for devoting yourself to helping us achieve.”

“40 years ago I was a karate student for just one year and I did enjoy it. So when my neighbour asked me along to Ki Aikido, I was pleased to go; especially as we are about the same age and Ki Aikido is entirely different to karate. Not just because we are in our 60s, this will suit all ages. I have now been training for over a year and it is marvellous. Flipo-Sensei has emphasised the positive nature of Ki Aikido in everyday life, meaning I can turn a negative thought into a smile. Every class has a subtle way of gaining an amazing improvement. “


Flipo-sensei (4th dan grade – RHS in the picture above) has been teaching for ten years and has practiced since 1999 with M. Williams-sensei (LHS in the picture above), and D. Williams-sensei. Flipo-sensei is passionate about Ki Aikido and teaches voluntarily (unpaid).

M. Williams-sensei, is the technical director of the Ki School of Aikido. He started practicing in 1974. He formed the Ki School of Aikido in 1995 and currently has affiliated clubs and organisations in Great Britain, across Europe, and in the USA.

The Ki School of Aikido is a constituted, non profit making organisation whose aim is to cultivate Ki Aikido and coordination of mind and body for daily life.

“The best way to discover Ki Aikido is to join us for a free taster class!”