Ki Aikido, Flipo-sensei

Why is Ki Aikido so interesting ?

Ki Aikido is a Japanese martial art that come from Aikido. It focuses on the coordination of mind and body. The nature of the art is not competitive and it is taught traditionally, on a mat. However, its teachings are very relevant to our modern daily lives.

Because Ki Aikido is focused on the body and also the mind, it teaches to stay relaxed and focused in front of stressful, difficult situation.

Through exercises requiring little physical strength, Students are explained how to release tension, how to make their body feel light, powerful and naturally supple. They then can show composure, leading to a positive, agile and gentle mind. Practice also includes meditation and breathing for a complete set of concentration and coordination techniques.


Flipo-sensei (4th dan grade) has been teaching for ten years and has practiced since 1999 with M. Williams-sensei and his assistant, D. Williams-sensei. Flipo-sensei is passionate about Ki Aikido and teaches voluntarily.

M. Williams-sensei, is the technical director of the Ki School of Aikido. He started practicing in 1974. He formed the Ki School of Aikido in 1995 and currently has affiliated clubs and organisations in Great Britain, across Europe, and in the USA.

The Ki School of Aikido is a constituted, non-profit-making organisation whose aim is to cultivate Ki Aikido and coordination of mind and body for daily life.

“The best way to discover Ki Aikido is to join us for a free induction class!”