First time?

Join us for free induction classes!

Newcomers are welcome all year round.
You do not have to be young or physically fit to start practicing!
If you would like to have a quick word with Sensei before starting, just come 5 to 10 minutes before class. You can also contact Sensei beforehand.

How much is it?

The club is about enjoying Ki Aikido. We’re only asking to help covering the running costs.
Taster classes are free; classes are then £5* per session, and you just pay as you go.
Annual membership is £25.
*discretionary discounts are considered for couples, students and job seekers.

Getting ready

You can wear loose, long sleeved comfortable clothing to begin with.

Practice is barefoot; please come with clean feet and a pair of sandals or slippers to walk to and from the mat.

For safety reasons, toenails and fingernails must be kept short, and jewellery is to be removed.

Coordinating the mind and body requires the mind to be sharp. Alcohol is not allowed before class.